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“There is no nuance out finish, no nuance whatsoever. Yet SK, I also have not talked about this. Rotational But there are nuances existing factions,”he added.

Organizations attended the launch of the Post- Anas, Favor android newest version of android and Saan position in the faction change. Pasek position of Chairman of Commission III was replaced by Pieter Favor android newest version of android, and Saan position as Secretary of the F – PD replaced by Teuku Rifky Hasan.

A teenage boy swept away while shitting in the Ciliwung River, Manggarai, South Jakarta. The body of 16 -year -old teenager was found floating in High Bridge, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta.

The man ‘s body was found the people around 12.00 pm, Friday ( 22/11/2013 ). Location discovery motionless corpse is not far from Tanah Abang Market Block G and Textile Museum.

“We’ve already got a family here,”said Commissioner Kanit Criminal Tanah Abang Santoso in the body discovery site, Friday ( 11/22/2013 ).

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